5 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss The Ultimate EMF Pre-New Year Party!

On 28 December, the unrivaled Giggijoch Fun Zone at almost 2300 meters above sea level hosts the Electric Mountain Festival (EMF) Pre-New Year Party. Two recent chart toppers are on the program: live acts by Kungs and Mike Perry promise burning turntables – A highlight not to be missed for dance queens, party people and fans of electronic music.

Continue reading and find out more about the five best (not always meant seriously) reasons why you should not miss the fabulous EMF Pre-New Year Party high above Sölden’s valley floor.

1. From a Ski Turn Right to the Hip Swing

Zwei Skifahrer auf den Pisten in Sölden - EMF Pre-Silvester Party Sölden
© Rudi Wyhlidal / Ötztal Tourismus

There is no better warm-up training for a dance night than Alpine skiing. Before the splendid party will start at 6:00 pm, you have heaps of time to hit the immaculate ski slopes in the afternoon. Inhale the Alpine mood and get ready for fabulous dance music and fantastic moves. But save your dance legs’ energy for the evening hours – you will need it for sure.

2. No Sign of Annoying Neighbors at 2282 Meters

Giggijoch Funzone - EMF Pre-Silvester Party Sölden
© Rudi Wyhlidal / Ötztal Tourismus

A common situation: your music system at maximum volume, spirits are high and the party has reached its absolute highlight. Then the doorbell rings! If you are lucky it’s just the angry neighbor complaining about loud music. In the worst case, he has already called the police. Don’t worry about all that and join the marvelous EMF Pre-New Year Party – no sign of annoying neighbors at 2282 m above sea level: just turn up that volume!

3. You Won’t Need a Taxi for your Return Ride

Kabine Giggijochbahn - EMF Pre-Silvester Party Sölden
© Rudi Wyhlidal / Bergbahnen Sölden

A superb evening without fighting for a taxi, without discussions about who is going to return when and where the next stop is! At the EMF Pre-New Year Party you simply enjoy a relaxing return ride on the brand-new Giggijoch mountain gondola. Uphill riding times: from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm / Last downhill ride: 11:00 pm.

4. And the Party Goes on Down in the Valley

Nightlife in Sölden - EMF Pre-Silvester Party Sölden
© Martin Klotz / Bergbahnen Sölden

Party people and night owls, who are still not tired enough after the EMF Pre-New Year Party, are strongly recommended to change from the snow blanket straight to the dance floor! Sölden boasts countless après-ski hot spots, atmospheric bars, lively pubs and trendy discos just perfect to celebrate until the small hours.

5. Chart Toppers on the DJ Decks

DJ beim Auflegen - EMF Pre-Silvester Party Sölden
© Rudi Wyhlidal / Ötztal Tourismus

The French highflier Kungs and Sweden’s DJ and producer Mikael Persson alias Mike Perry, two unrivaled chart toppers in 2016, make the EMF stage tremble. Their songs “This Girl” (Kungs) and “The Ocean” (Mike Perry) have become absolute summer hits! Recall this unique summer feeling one more time before you indulge in the breathtaking winter scenery at the turn of the year.

Already convinced? Then come and celebrate with us a mesmerizing turn of the year in Giggijoch’s Fun Zone on 28 December from 6:00 pm. More detailed information on the EMF Pre-New Year Party is available here.

Of course, there are an infinite number of other good reasons why you should not miss the EMF Pre-New Year Party! Any suggestions? So leave your comment and tell us more about your personal reason why you should never ever miss this ultimate event.


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